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Booster Club

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Booster Club

Our organization's purpose is to promote and foster the collective education of the children and youth in the Northwood, North Dakota, school district.

Membership shall be open to any person who subscribes to the purpose and function of the Northwood Booster Club. Member´┐Żs fees will be established by the members of the organization at their annual meeting.

Recently the club has provided funding for elementary wrestling transportation, televisions, VCR's, a digital camera, the scorer's table, t-shirts for the "Do Good" Program, the Northwood Tent which can be seen at outdoor activities, two life-like babies for the Family and Consumer Science Class, a motivational talk by UND Coach Rich Glas, the variety of balls thrown out during the parade at Old Fashioned Saturday, and clothing to be sold to promote school spirit. A new goal is to help purchase some new playground equipment.

Meetings are called when necessary. Approximately five a year with the annual meeting being held in the fall. For more information, contact Shari Bilden, President at 701-587-5221.