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Emergency Personnel

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Utility Billing 701-587-6301

City Auditor 701-587-5370

Fax 701-587-5829

Public Works 701-587-6291

Police 701-587-5651

Fire 701-587-6060

Ambulance 701-587-6060


Emergency Personnel

The Northwood Fire Protection District has 30 volunteer fire fighters. The District covers 9 townships in southwest Grand Forks County. A new building was built in 1999 to house the equipment to be ready at a moment�s notice. The City has a class 7 fire rating for water pressure. They are working toward a new fire truck as their next project.

The Northwood Police Department has 2 full time officers that serve the community. The department also hosts an annual pet vaccination and registration clinic and a bike safety clinic each spring. By all statewide measures Northwood is a safe place to raise a family.

Emergency Outage

In case of a power outage, first check your fuses to see if any of them have tripped off due to a power overload. If you determine the outage is not in your own electric service, we ask that you check with your neighbors to determine if they are also without service before reporting the outage. This will help us quickly locate the problem.

If the outage is during business hours, Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm, please call 587-6291 or 587-6301. If the outage is after hours please call 587-5651 to report the outage to the police department and they will contact the appropriate personnel.

Utilities on generator and emergency shelters

A 400kw standby generator is hooked up to run City Hall, the Community Center, the heating and lighting of the school, and the lift station. The smaller 35kw generator can be hooked up to the water tower. This will provide water and sewer during any electrical outage. It will also give the community emergency shelters to use during an extended outage. The system is tested monthly.

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