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Council Meetings � are held at City Hall on the 1st Monday of each month at 4:30pm. The agenda and packets of information pertaining to the upcoming meeting are mailed out on the governing board on Wednesday before the meeting. Please have any requests for items to be placed on the agenda or committee meetings to the City Auditor by the Tuesday preceding the meeting.

Recent approved minutes are under the news tab.

Committee Meetings � are held as the need arises for items involving research or lengthy discussion for that particular committee to consider.

Taxes � The 2009 Mill levy for residents of the City of Northwood is 393.89 mills. The breakdown is as follows: State 1.00 mills, Garrison Diversion 1.00 mills, GF soil conservation 1.00 mills, Grand Forks County 116.62 mills, City 83.34 mills, Park District 28.93 mills, Fire Protection District 5.00 mills, Northwood School District 157.00 mills. The City levies for taxes for the following funds: general fund, social security, liability insurance, planning & zoning, library, airport authority, economic development, forestry, cemetery, and job development. There are separate boards that govern the library, airport authority, planning & zoning, cemetery, fire district and the park district.