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Northwood Men�s Club

The Northwood Men�s Club is a non-profit organization. At this time, the club has about thirty members. The Club hosts four annual events: The Tractor Pull & Mud Run, the Demolition Derby, the Snowmobile Drags, and the Roughrider Rodeo.

The Club has By-laws, Articles, and Rules, which must be followed. The Board of Directors consists of five members and annual elections for these positions are held. You must be at least eighteen years of age to become a member. The annual dues are $25.00.

The Northwood Men�s Club was formed for the following reasons:

    1. To organize committees, contractors, and contestants of North Dakota for their mutual protection and benefit.
    2. To insure just amount of prize money and/or awards.
    3. To secure competent judges and officials in all events.
    4. To cooperate with management of all events in which members contest.
    5. To promote sportsmanship and true competition in any event.
    6. To keep membership fees, entry fees, and all other expenses low so any event will be affordable for the family and contestants.
    7. To keep purse monies and all other production costs as reasonable and fair as possible so as to make it financially encouraging for each member, contestant, and contractor.
    8. To bring new people, growth and prosperity to our community.