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City of Northwood Update


Electrical Rates Impacted by Severe Weather

 Local utility rates will be impacted from two different sources both caused by weather. An extended period of drought in the western United States will force the federal agency, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) to initiate a rate increase just 12 months after its most recent increase. It is raising its wholesale power cost to the city of Northwood by 25% effective January 2008. Reduced hydroelectric production, due to lower than normal water in the Missouri River reservoirs, has pushed Western to purchase more power in the market to meet its firm power obligations. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers forecasts that main stem system generation for 2007 will be just 6.1 billion kilowatt-hours compared to normal annual production of 10 billion kilowatt-hours.

A major ice storm took out over 800 miles of power lines in Nebraska over Christmas and New Years. Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) is the supplemental power supplier for the city of Northwood. Their generation facility, Laramie River Station, relies on those transmission lines in Nebraska to move the electricity. Due to the massive amount of lines down, everyone was limited on their capacity of electricity they could produce and export. Today, Laramie River Station is still limited to half of its generation capacity needed to provide electricity to all of MRES members. This has forced MRES to purchase power in the market to meet the electrical needs of its customers, including the city of Northwood. It will be mid-summer before all of Nebraska Public Power District�s lines are restored. MRES has incurred a cost of $8.3 million in extra purchased power cost to date and the project total cost is nearly $12 million. Missouri River Energy Services will be raising their wholesale power  cost to the city of Northwood by 6% in July of 2007 and another 6% in January of 2008. The city council will be reviewing options on rate increases. There will be a public meeting on Monday, May 14th at 7pm at the Northwood Community Center to discuss rates. 

Street Work to Begin When Conditions Permit 

Street Construction will not begin until all of the frost is gone and conditions are dry enough to produce a quality product. We appreciate your patience during this time. The roads will be blocked to prevent any damage to the new subgrade. It is inherent to the quality of the road that you avoid driving on these roads. We also request that you avoid pumping directly onto the streets as this will cause further delays. It is also against city ordinance to drain your sump into the sewer. Please recycle the water onto your lawn. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Electrical Expertise at No Charge

 The City of Northwood is happy to offer a free service to all of its commercial customers. Questline offers an informational newsletter twice each month. Each has four unique stories with links for more detail and technical support. Another portion of the service provides a toll-free hotline to access free expert technical assistance. This provides you with one-on-one access to a team of researchers, engineers, technicians and economic development professionals. There is also an online library resource that includes over 500 technology, process and informational documents. It lists over 1,000 previously asked (and answered) Hotline inquiries and archives of past newsletters. If you are interested in this FREE service, please send an email listing your email address to: [email protected]

Residential Citywide Cleanup Scheduled

 The City has scheduled the spring clean up dates for 2007. For residents located east of Adam Street, Cleanup Day will be Tuesday, May 8th. For residents located west of Adam Street, Cleanup Day will be Thursday, May 10th. Both days begin at 7:00a.m.

Items must be placed on the berm prior to 7:00a.m. The items must also be separated into the following three stacks: burnable items, metals and plastics. NO ELECTRONICS are allowed at the landfill and will not be accepted.

On Saturday, May 5th from 9:00a.m. until Noon, the landfill will be open with NO CHARGES for dumping during that time. City residents with large loads are encouraged to bring out their separated load during that time. City businesses can also come during that time with NO CHARGE for dumping.

The landfill is currently open the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am to Noon and Thursday afternoons by appointment only.

The summer schedule runs May through October and the landfill will be open on Thursdays from 4:00p.m. until 7:00p.m.

The City has a dump truck available for rental for  residents doing self-improvement projects only.  The cost is $75.00 per dump and can be used a maximum of three consecutive days per location.  The City will deliver the truck, leave for you to fill (you must separate the load), and empty the truck for you.

Yard waste collection will begin on Wednesday, May 2nd,  weather permitting. To receive pickup of your grass clippings and leaves, you will need an official yard waste container, available for purchase at city hall for $10.00.

Projects and Progress

 Northwood will have three booths at the Job Fair and Career Showcase at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks on Tuesday, April 24th from 2pm to 8pm. The career showcase will highlight some of the emerging careers in the region, specifically in the fields of health care, energy and aerospace. There will also be workshops to educate job seekers. We will be showcasing the community and the employment opportunities at Northwood Mills and Northwood Deaconess Health Center.

Northwood Mills

Northwood Mills will be starting the equipment in May and beginning production soon thereafter. There will be an open house at the facility at a future date.


The new substation is complete and will soon be fully energized. The city will be connecting more load to the facility this summer to ease the strain on the existing substation which has reached its capacity throughout this last year. 

 Cell Tower

The new cell tower is now complete. Check with your local cellular service provider for more information. Northwood is excited to have our communication services improved. 

Veterans Memorial Park

The local American Legion and VFW Posts are raising funds for a veterans memorial project. The downtown park (formerly Centennial Park) has been renamed to Northwood Veterans Memorial Park. The project will begin this year with the final dedication during Northwood�s 125th celebration in 2009. The Veterans Memorial Committee is asking for veteran names and for donations to get this project started. Accounts have been set up at Alerus Financial, American Federal Bank and Citizens State Bank for those wishing to contribute to this project. Your support is appreciated. 

Old Fashioned Saturday - Military Appreciation

 Mark your calendars now for the many events for Old Fashioned Saturday weekend, July 26th - 29th. This year will focus on military appreciation and supporting our troops. We encourage you to show your red, white and blue during the celebration. Contact city hall today to add your event to the schedule.  

City Offers Automatic Payment Option 

The city of Northwood offers an automatic payment option that uses modern electronic banking techniques to relieve you of the worry of getting your bill paid on time�even if you are out of town on the payment due date. You will still receive your monthly utility bill but with a note that states, �this is automatically paid from your bank account�. This program is intended to make your bill paying simpler and more convenient and best of all, this service is FREE.  Your payment can be deducted from checking or savings. The form is available at all of the local banks and at city hall. Sign up today and have one less bill to worry about.

Bike Safety & Pet Clinic

The Northwood Police Department will be hosting a bike safety clinic immediately following school, on the last day of school,  Thursday, May 24th at city hall. Officers will present safety information, register your bicycle, and have a bicycle course set up in the alley to practice your safety skills. So bring your bike and start summer off with safety!

The Dog & Cat Clinic with Cooperstown Vet Clinic will be at City Hall on a Saturday in May (exact date to be announced later). Every cat and dog is required to be licensed annually in the city of Northwood. Please bring proof of vaccination if you are not having the vaccinations done that day at city hall. 

Recreational Opportunities

The Northwood Park District is looking forward to another exciting season of recreation. 


Our largest program is spring soccer which is offered to children from age 3 through 6th grade. The Park District has purchased two new �official sized� sets of nets for this volunteer-run program. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.


Greg Voigt will return as the  coach for T-Ball and the season will begin in June. This program is for children ages 4 through 8. 

Little League

Pete Thingelstad will be the Little League coach and the season will begin in June. This program is for youth ages 9 through 12. 


The swimming pool was last renovated in 1984 in time for the City Centennial celebration and will need renovation again in the near future. Prices for swimming passes and lessons will remain the same as last year.  


Congratulations to the Ice Storm hockey team for ending their first season with a league championship in the Grand Forks Park District league. The local Hockey Booster Club is in the process of raising funds for an outdoor hockey pavilion. 


Please see the enclosed activity sign up sheet. All fees must be paid prior to the first day of each activity to allow participation.













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