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Mayor & Council

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David Dokken - Mayor                                  

Troy Uglem - City Council 1st Ward                  

Kim Miller - City Council 1st Ward             

Loren Nelson - City Council 2nd Ward              

Dale Braaten - City Council 2nd Ward          

Beth Johnson - City Council 3rd Ward                     

Scott Ostlie - City Council 3rd Ward       

Alvin Boucher - Municipal Judge                  



Stan Baker - Police Chief                       

Jessie Holecek - Police Officer

Robert Deutsch - City Forester  

Marcy Douglas - City Auditor and City Administrator     

Marcy Douglas - Emergency Management Coordinator

Gwynn Ott - Clerk of Court               

Amber Vaughn - City Assessor               

Kennelly & O'Keeffe - City Attorney                      

Jon Berg, MD - City Health Officer 

Laurie Berg, PT - Disabilities Liaison  

Jerry Hanson - Building Inspector

Jerry Hanson - Public Works Superintendent